For Your Employees

Support. Connect. Empower.

When the safety of our family and community is at risk, nothing else matters.

  • Support your employees with tools they need to be powerful care advocates for the people in their family.
  • Maximize leave of absence time with support from a SandwYch expert before they take time off
  • Provide peace of mind for long-distance caregivers by connecting to an established local network of support
  • Give them access to licensed professionals who navigate care options with your employee and their families

Ease Employee Stress As They Embrace
Difficult Caregiving Transitions

Give your employees peace of mind that they are working with professionals that strive to meet the goals of your family and do not receive commissions for placing services.

53 million Americans provide informal caregiving the majority of them are caring for someone over 50 years old and 25% provide care for more than one person.

Four in 10 caregivers, have experienced at least one financial impact as a result of caregiving. 60% have experienced at least one impact or change in their employment situation as a result of caregiving.

When your employees suffer their work becomes a second priority

In a 2020 study by National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP,

  • 53% of working caregivers go into work late, leave early or take time off to provide care.
  • 14% cut back on working hours
  • 13% take a leave of absence
  • 7% receive a warning about performance or attendance;

Provide the support your employees need.

SandwYch support is right for your company if

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Supervisors see employees struggling with personnel matters that take them away from the office.

Include SandwYch in your employee benefits package to maximize their LOA.

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You want your employees to receive the best support available in the industry.

Moderators and facilitators have a variety of certifications and licenses in the health and wellness fields and hold such licenses in social work, physical therapy, occupation therapy, nursing and mediation.

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Your employees have a variety of different needs.

SandwYch provides various opportunities to engage such as videos, group calls and one-on-ones with a facilitator.

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Your company wants to provide more than a referral service to employees.

SandwYch facilitators work with families to create patient and family-determined plans for their loved one’s care journey that integrates with multiple physicians and support resources.