SandwYch Community

Connect. Learn. Grow.

Caregiving is hard enough; receive the support you deserve all year long.

  • Ensure that you are receiving what is best for YOUR family’s unique situation
  • Reduce endless hours of research by working with vetted professionals
  • Receive quarterly care boxes that support your care recipient and you in your care journey
  • Incorporate ongoing care techniques and updates with tools throughout your care journey

Receive Ongoing Support that You Need as a Caregiver

Caregiving can be lonely. In fact, 36% of caregivers have no plans for future care of the person they are providing care to now; and less than half indicate they have plans in place for their own future care only compounding future informal caregiving challenges for families. Honor yourself and your family and break the cycle now. SandwYch supports primary and long-distance caregivers. Receive quarterly care packages to support your caregiving journey
and your loved one.

SandwYch Community provides ongoing support

  • Honor your loved one’s care vision
  • Recognize your skills and care capacity
  • Receive the support and community you need to get through the tough times of caregiving
  • Acquire quarterly caregiver boxes curated for you and your loved one
  • Support others and celebrate your journey

The Details

Each week, join a live session, watch videos, and receive the support you need to address your ongoing caregiving challenges.

This is the right community for you if

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You feel alone in your care journey.

Join SandwYch small groups to discuss your care challenges and ask questions to the community of experienced caregivers and experts.

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You are trying to organize care miles away from where your loved one lives.

SandwYch connects caregivers to resources and tools that bridge the long-distance gap.

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A diagnosis needs you to plan ahead for your care.

In our video series we walk you through a deep dive to explore how you want to live and provide the tools to communicate your vision with your loved ones and medical team.

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You are looking for tools to support your caregiving.

Join a community that understands the journey and provides the tools to evolve with you.