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The Y in SandwYch represents YOU.

SandwYch was created to help families who face the daily challenges of caring for multiple generations. Whether that be children and parents, a spouse and neighbors, parents and grandparents, or all of the above.

SandwYch is a community of expertise, guiding you through every step in the caregiving journey-your way. This is exactly why we have a “Y” in our name, it stands for YOU!

YOU determine the type of care you want as a patient. We support your journey with a realistic approach to caregiving.

YOU determine the type of advocate you can be as a caregiver for family, friends and co-workers. We maximize your support team and resources with easy to integrate tools.

YOU determine the type of support you need using novel and industry-recognized tools so you can be a powerful caregiver. We celebrate your time and commitment with the valuable caregiver research that shapes communities.

Why We Do It

We created SandwYch for you and your loved ones. 80-90% of us will need over 4.5 years of caregiving. Currently families spend over $7,000 in out-of-pocket expenses annually, in addition to caregiving. Work and family schedules are severely altered, and exhaustion for those in the sandwich generation is at an all-time high. And yet, most families ignore preparing in advance because it’s sad and we’d rather avoid it. Frankly, we’re overwhelmed and exhausted! But in reality, planning gives us an opportunity to live, to embrace, and to honor our loved ones. We want you as caregivers to be prepared, empowered and to have peace of mind.

We want our parents to feel empowered and honored. We want families to enjoy all the moments we get with each other, even the hard parts. We’re here to help you and your family whether you’re planning ahead or find yourself in the middle of it right now. Let’s do it together!

Our Team

Amy Laine is the co-founder and CEO of SandwYch. She is a gerontologist, an entrepreneur, daughter, wife, stepmom, and dog mom. In addition to co-founding SandwYch, she has owned a thriving management company since 2004. As a daughter, she’s been right where you are. As a business owner, she understands what it takes to move mountains and how to get things done. She is a mediator and a people-connector and she’s now in your corner.
Christi Cornell is a licensed master’s level social worker residing in Austin, Texas.  A true Longhorn, she received both of her degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work.  Her twenty-five-year career includes experience working in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, in home care, and hospice in both clinical and management roles. Her systems perspective and patient advocacy practice focuses on working with the older population and their caregivers to achieve inter-client, family, and agency collaboration. Christi is passionate about teaching system navigation and self-advocacy. In the past this has included development of educational seminars and resource content. In her downtime she enjoys spending time with friends and family, volunteering, hiking, and discovering new restaurants.
Cyndi O’Toole, Ph.D., BCBA is the principal investigator for SandwYch. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 20 years of experience in public schools, universities, and private therapy clinics focused on working with families and children with autism. She is passionate about supporting and empowering families who need someone to walk with them down an unfamiliar, and often scary path. Cyndi holds a Ph.D. in Special Education from Texas Tech University. Additionally, she received her Master of Arts in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin.
Deborah Nichols, PhD is SandwYchs’ lead researcher and co-founder. As both a psychologist and data scientist, Deborah’s research helps us better understand our caregivers and patients’ needs which in turn helps us build better tools to help them along their caregiving journey. Deborah holds a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Honors from the University of Rochester.
Jennifer Christman is a certified mediator who understands through her own personal experience the difficulties families face in managing their loved ones’ care. She is passionate about helping families reach a resolution in situations involving older adults and children with special needs. In addition to family mediations, she handles divorce and custody mediations in addition to property and other disputes. Jennifer is based in Central Texas, but handles mediations throughout the U.S. virtually via Zoom.

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