Caregiving doesn’t come with an instruction manual. So no matter where you are in your care journey, you’ve come to the right place.

The Tools, Information & Support You Need

Tired of feeling alone and overwhelmed your care journey? Frustrated by the absence of answers and a clear path forward? Feeling guilty that you’d rather be doing anything else? Frozen in place by the lack of options?

At SandwYch, we and our parents have been there. So we know first-hand how complicated and overwhelming it can be. We’re here to ease your burden and let you know you’re not alone.

The Y in SandwYch represents YOU.

You-determine the type of care you want as a patient. We support your journey with a realistic approach to caregiving.

You-determine the type of advocate you can be as a caregiver for family, friends and co-workers. We maximize your support team and resources with easy to integrate tools.

You-determine the type of support you need and can give in your family, as a neighbor and as a work colleague. We celebrate your time and commitment with valuable caregiver research that shapes communities.

Why We Do It

We created Sandwych for you and your loved ones. 80-90% of us will need over 4.5 years of caregiving. Currently families spend over $7,000 in out of pocket expenses annually, inaddition to caregiving. And yet, most families ignore preparing in advance because it’s sad and we’d rather avoid it. But in reality planning gives us an opportunity to live, to embrace, and to honor our loved ones. We want you as caregivers to be prepared and empowered.

We want our parents to feel empowered and honored. We want families to enjoy all the moments we get with each other, even the hard parts. We’re here to help you and your family whether you’re planning ahead or find yourself in the middle of it right now. Let’s do it together!

Our Team

Amy is a gerontologist, an entrepreneur, daughter, wife, step mom and dog mom. In addition to founding SandwYch, she has owned a thriving management company since 2004. As a daughter she’s been right where you are.


As a business owner, she understands what it takes to move mountains and how to get things done. She is a mediator and a people connector and she’s now in your corner.

Jennifer is a advocate. As a single mom, she successfully juggles her kids’ active school and sports schedules and is a co-caregiver to a family member.


She understands how to make things work and is thoughtful of what it takes to get a job done while keeping her own well being in check.


Erica is social content director at SandwYch and a dog mom. She has an eye for routines, getting people engaged and is a positive light with a practical approach to life.


As a daughter and granddaughter, she is a long-distance caregiver with her mom to her grandparents.


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