HealthTech Startup Helps Sandwich Generation Navigate Caregiving Challenges

Nearly 50% of middle-aged adults in the U.S. are caring for an aging parent as well as their own children. Often referred to as the Sandwich Generation, these caregivers are caught in the middle, supporting multiple generations of family members whether financially, physically, or emotionally.

SandwYch, an Austin-based healthtech startup is providing relief for caregivers trying to do it all. The company, founded by Austin gerontologist and entrepreneur, Amy Laine, offers a digital platform that provides valuable resources and insight to help families navigate caregiving challenges.

“Many times, caregivers find themselves in that role after a loved one experiences an unexpected medical crisis,” says Amy Laine, Founder of SandwYch. “Our goal at SandwYch is to prepare families before a crisis strikes. Advanced planning allows caregivers to help their loved ones live their best life.”

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