Welcome to Guided Group Coaching and the Foundations of Care series.

Our goal together is to lay the foundation for your future as a care recipient or caregiver by providing you with the knowledge and tools to compliment the medical, legal and financial constructs needed to achieve your vision.

There are six sessions in the Foundations of Care. Each session explores the emotional toll of providing or receiving care and making your voice known about your life vision. We balance the emotional impact with evidence-based practices to help you create your vision for your future.

To get started, you will find a questionnaire at the beginning and end of each session to get you thinking about the videos, readings, and our live sessions.

Your responses will be emailed to you. Consider each response a starting point for journaling that you can go back to read and expand on as you progress through our time together.

To obtain the full impact of Guided Group, engage in the questionnaires, refine your answers as you progress and share your story in our virtual sessions. Later, you can use the information you have learned to update your living will, when you go to the doctor, or when you communicate with your Medical Power of Attorney, family, and support team.

Before we get started, I want to you to know that I have been where you are. And that’s one of the primary reasons I started SandwYch.

During and after college, I supported my family in the long-distance care of my grandparents. As an undergrad, while visiting my grandparents my grandfather passed away.

My grandmother lived another 20 years in her hometown. As the Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA), my mom, who lived twelve hours away, spent hours on the phone with my grandmother, her doctors, and her friends trying to get a picture of how she was doing and transitioning her to an assisted living facility.

At one point, Mom and Dad brought my grandmother to their home to have a second opinion on her ongoing pain that resulted in hip surgery.

The recovery was long and the emotional toll in making the right medical decisions along with helping my grandmother financially was a constant weight for our family.

Stories like mine are so common and each one offers a lesson in caregiving and self-care which can benefit the entire family.

I look forward to hearing your story! Thank you, again, for being here.