Guided Group Course + Live Weekly Calls

Define a vision for aging in place.

Identify support teams and their roles.

Draft a family care plan.


The Guided Group courses and downloadable information are invaluable resources.

The research has been done for you. Our detailed forms and checklists will help you and your loved one:

Become familiar with which legal documents should be completed.

Understand financial requirements for any additional care that may be needed.

Identify potential safety issues - both individual and environmental.

Learn care techniques that honor both individual preferences and chronic disease.

Develop strategies to maintain clear, frequent communication with your support team.

How It Works

Guided Group is ideal for beginning, seasoned or transitioning caregivers. This six week program includes six videos, twelve questionnaires and tools to expand your caregiving plan that you can complete at your own pace. Guided Group also includes live weekly calls with a SandwYch facilitator to ask questions and share experiences.

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Guided Group

2. Welcome

Start your sessions

3. Live Weekly Calls

Meet with a care coach

4. Success

Become a powerful advocate

Course Session Preview

Session 1
  • Recognize the value of assessments
  • Understand the importance of legal documents
  • Become a powerful advocate
Session 2
  • Identify the roles important to your caregiving and get the support you need
  • Role play difficult conversations
  • Learn how integrating family agreements lays a foundation of communication and support
Session 3
  • Evaluate the various options when you are considering transitions in living
  • Recognize common safety issues before they become a risk
  • Integrate aids and technology to promote independent living
Session 4
  • Scale your caregiving role so that you have data to support your work
  • Identify the needs of loved one’s when you hire support so you are set up for success
  • Recognize when your loved one needs a transition in care or is no longer safe in their current living situation
Session 5
  • Understand the cycle of illness so that you are a better caregiver
  • Schedule caregiver support to best address your loved ones needs
  • Develop care techniques that honor your loved one’s personality and their illness
Session 6
  • Bring the tools and techniques together and set yourself, your family and your loved one up for success
  • Recognize the living documents that need to be revisited to protect your loved one


Do it alone

Spend hours researching and getting information that doesn’t fit your needs

Wait until a crisis strikes your family

Spend hours on the phone

Start researching online without a path to a plan

Complete applications that don’t apply to you or your family

Let the ‘wait and see’ approach keep you from taking control of your time

Let the stress overwhelm you


Rely on the experts at SandwYch

Save time by utilizing our easy-to-view videos and our carefully culled tools and curated resources

Incorporate care techniques NOW

Fill out evaluation is the first step in the process

Expert social worker to help answer questions and develop a plan

Find peace of mind

Is Guided Group Right For You?

You feel alone in your care journey.

SandwYch gives you both experts ready to listen and support you, as well as a community of fellow caregivers with whom to connect, ask questions, and share.

You continue to face new obstacles and are tired of endless searching.

SandwYch provides you with experts to ask any and all of your caregiver questions AND courses, tools and downloads to guide you through each step plus prepare you¦ to avoid roadblocks.

You’re struggling to manage both the needs of your children and your aging parent.

Our SandwYch guides can help you make a plan that allows you to juggle everything you care about and are committed to in your life. It is possible to make it all work. Let us show you how.

Your savings is depleting and your debt is piling up.

SandwYch offers a primer on financial strategies including money you have access to tap into, plans for the family to share the financial needs, and how to optimize the resources you do have.

Just starting out?

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